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Basic Gynecological Laparoscopy

This book is directed to the gynecologists of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) who wants to start performing laparoscopy. It provides adequate basic knowledge in a simplified way.

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The know-how

It offers combination of scientific contents and practical tips and tricks, with commitment to the most recent available guidelines and expert opinions. The scientific background is well collected from many sources and guidelines, shown in a simplified yet accurate manner. The tips represent the editors’ own experiences and are presented in a way that is attractive & memorable. After that you will find the videos operated through the QR code. The videos are labeled and narrated to show you the tips in a practical way.








There are three parts of the book

The book is directed to provide all the necessary information in the basic Gynecological laparoscopy in the form of practical tips based on sound scientific background, demonstrated by highly selected narrated videos. So, there are three parts of the book: scientific background, boxes of the tips and videos.

was carefully collected from many sources and
guidelines, written in a scientifically sound simplified way to be up to the point
and up to date.

containing the tips are the summary of the authors’ deep experience in laparoscopy over years, introduced as direct simple advices.

are highly selected from the authors’ library with English narration to show the adequate techniques in the selected topic in the simplest scientific

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